At QUAD Integration, we always believe in providing more than just products to the customers. We provide customers with other value-added Services as well.

Take advantage of the following services that we provide.
Video Surveillance Design and Installation

  • We can assess your existing CCTV system to make improvements to it or to assess your requirements to build a totally new CCTV system.
  • We plan and design each CCTV system to our customer’s individual requirements, taking time to explain the advantages and disadvantages of the many cameras, recording devices and remote monitoring systems available.
  • We can install and maintain the CCTV system for you.

Wireless System Design and Installation

  •  Wireless Consultancy is part of our business offer to you. We can provide consultancy on project basis in both semi-turnkey and full-turnkey projects
  • We can be your project management and engineering team for your wireless projects.
  • We can perform wireless scanning for any occurrences of interference, wireless coverage planning, wireless design, wireless survey etc.
  • We also provide installation and maintenance of your wireless system for you.

Data Network System Design and Installation

  • We plan and design data network switches according to our customer’s individual requirements.
  • We can perform maintenance services on your data network switches.
  • We can provide consultancy services on your data network infrastructure.

QUAD Integration has the skill set to design, install and maintain your system and network communications. Feel free to contact us for advice on your requirements.

Email us at sales@quadint.com

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